Diwali, the festival of lights is here, bringing the much awaited cheer and enlightenment in our lives. From dazzling street decorations to vendors packed with those, mouth watering delicious sweets, potters crafting terracotta Diya’s brings in the festive essence. Most of us being working professionals, meeting targets and deadlines at work, lack the necessary time to decorate with extravagance. Diwali, also being one of the main Hindu Festivals celebrating victory of Good over Evil, calls for larger social gatherings and get togethers. That means you would be having visitors to share the festive vibe more than expected.

Having more responsibility to clean up and decorate your home for Diwali, with less time can be overwhelming.

Worry Not! We have a quick guide to help you dress your home for festivity.

Diwali diyas decoration

1. Lighten Up

Splurge on those beautiful earthy raw or vibrant Diyas, candles and  fairy lights. Here, the concept of “more is less” applies. With markets flooded with beautiful lighting one can get lost in selecting, what to pick and what to leave. To get the right visual look for festive décor, always select a theme and stick to the colour palette. This will make your task easier and fruitful. If you’re a D.I.Y lover and think, you have an hour to spare for indulging in crafts. Grab your paint brushes and get set, to hand paint those earthy diyas adding a personal touch.

diwali rangoli design

2. Rangoli

Making a rangoli pattern on your doorway, entrance, hallways or Balcony sets the traditional flair for the festival. If you find yourself contemplating about whether, to indulge in making one or not, go for it. For the non – artist in you, they are plenty stencil options that are easy to use for rangoli designs. Moreover, to do a quick round up of the rangoli, you can add layers of auspicious marigold flowers with colours.

coffee table diwali decor

3. Coffee Table Décor

Uplifting the aura of your home can be as simple as paying heed to little nook and corners/furniture accents for decorating. 5 minutes tip for adding a festive touch could be as simple as picking up any glass vessel with a wider opening. Fill it 3/4th with water, add rose petals or dry flowers and floating candles. This would give instant freshness and blessed feel to your home. If you are not a glassware user, a big Diya can be used for the same as an alternative.

Pooja room diwali decor

4. Pooja Room

The Pooja corner of your home is the most sacred and auspicious place as it withholds purity. On the eve of Diwali Lakshmi, the Hindu goddess of wealth and prosperity is welcomed to our homes. Therefore, it becomes vital for you to clean and decorate the avatars and space with diyas, scented insenstic, candles, lights. To bring in serenity and good fortune consider playing soulful aartis during this hour. Decorating the Pooja thal is another significant attribute, you shouldn’t neglect.

diwali balcony decor

5. Outdoors

Last, but not the least. Contribute to the community by being eco-friendly, avoid air and noise pollution at all times. Diwali can be celebrated in a more natural way by bringing in more planters, decorating around them with fairy lights and flower garlands around door/window trims. Spruce up your balcony’s for outdoor party vibes. Adding some shiny textiles to furniture with layered lighting and sweet offering laid right can be simply done within no time.

Image Sources: Pininterest

Hoping these simple time saving, tips help you enjoy the divine festival of Diwali with your loved and dear ones.

Wishing you a very Happy and Prosperous Diwali 2017. May you all shine and stay blessed!

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