Ever wondered about the purpose of having a entryway spot in your home? Many of us tend to overlook the extra area in our homes which we step into. The space which serves as an asset, for last minute peeps and surfaces to depend on. An Entryway or Foyer Area or the entrance of your home, is the most vital space which we cannot afford to neglect. This sets your very first impression to what your rest of the home is going to unfold into. It should reflect a sense of functionality and style at all times. Early this week, we had a client write in to us about having a long narrow space, which leads to rooms in her home and is the first thing, any visitors eyes would settle on as they step in. Seeking our professional assistance. Here is how we helped in her entryway styling.


1. Analyzed and marked all the areas in the narrow stretched out space to be looked at.

2. Measuring the marked spaces to further conceptualize what best could be done for them.

3. Created vignettes for each marked out space to be utilized and styled.wall segementation


The wall which you see the moment you step into her house had to reflect the essence of what would follow. We took a stellar motif wallpaper from Asian paints nilaya collection and added this statement console with dining chairs pulled to the wall from idus.  To accentuate the vignette a beautiful wall mirror set was added with accessories from address home and INV home, to top it up. The whole vignette in its very origin is seen balanced out vertically and horizontally. As a matter of rule for visual aesthetics objects are either placed in odd numbers or even numbers with taking care of the scale and proportion.Bench styling


The wall following the entrance was at the narrow stretch opening up to the rest of the rooms. We thought, this space should be best utilized for function. A modern minimalistic bench was suggested from idus complementing the rest of the furniture line of the house. Cushions and throw from zufolo were added for a sense of warmth, with books stacked to elevate the whole vignette. The bench here would be used as a handy drop spot for accessories by family member’s in the house crossing by.  Wall frames in equal spacing were spread across the wall encompassing beautiful travel memories of the family. Bringing nature indoors is always a good idea to let yourself and the space breathe.

art wall


The last wall is at the edge of the master bedroom. We thought to keep it bold and simple. A big wall painting or art print was suggested on the full wall to highlight the space keeping it minimalistic.

If you too are confused or need assistance in how to do up your entry or foyer area, get in touch with us. We promise to make it leave a lasting impact.

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