Staying organised to stay ahead in life should be the mantra for all of us in 2017. More often we tend to overlook our work space and environment at home. Which in turn affects our health, efficiency and productivity. Your Home Office should be a perfect mix of style, cleanliness, organisation and soothing vibes. A space that helps bring out the best version of you.


All you will need to do is, figure out a small spare room, corner or a window next to which you could setup your work space heaven. Keep in mind the areas adjacent to it, distracting areas like kitchen, living room etc. which have more public activities taking place creating noise, should be avoided depending upon what best suits you. Careful selection of this space, at home will also depend on your profession, goals and the focus level you’ll be aiming to achieve. For instance, for creative professionals a corner in the living room or outdoor facing bay window would work since noise and other music sounds will  enhance their creative thinking. On the contrary, for corporate officials a more peaceful, secluded space to work from home would be ideal to boost productivity.


Analyze how will you be spending your working hours at home, make a list of things you’ll need to stay organized and motivated. Start with selecting the ideal desk and chair for your home office. Remember these are the main assets of your work space, no compromise should be made on their quality, ergonomics, style and finish. For instance if you’re a writer, a comfy laid back lounge chair with a coffee table and lamp would keep you relaxed and working on your tech. If you’re into a profession which involves a lot of file and paper works, investing in a big table to lay your papers and stationary would be the best bet. Do you have clients visiting you at home? If so, extra seating for 2 along with your personal set of furniture would be needed. More creative professionals can have flexible home work spaces, like for an artist a swing in the patio area with his tool kit displayed in a corner giving him a beautiful scenery view would be a nice idea to try out.

Home office


The feel and look of the home office should be inspiring and encouraging for better work efficiency at all times. Making a note of factors like functionality, sound, colours, décor and comfort will help you create the perfect work environment at home. Consider thinking about what colours keep your mood uplifted and going, The view you want your eyes to look for when you see around, adding tech, pretty stationary organization and décor essentials from travels would give the whole look a personal touch. Bringing in greenery will keep the air purified and fresh plus, having a coffee machine handy if you’re a coffee addict would be a bonus, saving you those valuable minutes when you have deadlines to meet.

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Home Office Organisation


Right lighting is essential for keeping your mood uplifted and focused. Decide your working hours and usage of the home office space to set the best lighting solutions. Lets say if you decide to work in the mornings or the during the day, daylight will play a major light source which can be paired with an accent desk lamp. Whereas, if your working hours are during evenings and late night, then you will want to check your general lighting, task and accent lighting to get the best light input while working. As a matter of fact, warm white lights with pendant or desk lamp often solve the purpose. You can also add mirrors to walls in a room , to bounce light around in moderation avoiding the glare.

Home Office Lighting


Working from home has its own pro’s and con’s. One such disadvantage would be exercising our muscles which would otherwise be done on our commute to office. Working from home can be made healthy as well, by taking out 45 to 15 minutes now and then, in between work hours to go for a walk or stretch. Staying healthy surely boosts your productivity manifold.

We hope the above tips will help bring style and functionality to your home office space. Need help with your home office design project? Call us now.

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