Its never too late to put on your thinking hats and set the year ahead with some must do Home Goals. We believe Success is not merely luck, it is a habit which evolves daily from being organized.  Your home is the primary source of  you achieving success in your personal and professional life, stay organised and clutter free. Here are some tips you should be looking at, to get the much needed start for a wonderful year ahead.

Bathroom Organisation


Having things kept neatly in specific spaces assigned to them not only saves you the time, but also lets you focus on the bigger things. Make it a point to weekly get rid of the extras at home by donating, or re-selling through apps like OLX, Quickr and coutloot for clothes and tons of other online selling modes. Clearing the visual mess sets a calmer, more focused mood for daily activities and performing well. Take up simple activities. Add storage baskets for your nick – knacks. Do off with extra books and kid toys and arrange shelves in a labelled way. Bring in flower arrangements and scented candles to start purifying your Home Air.



We tend to spend most of our time in the bedroom, it should be left neat and tidy to relax us once we get back home. To start with keep your closet tidy, clothes well stacked with other essential belongings easy to reach. Make it a habit of changing your bed linen, tidy up your bed to save you the extra effort at the end of a tiring day.  Keep your desk and stationary well displayed and organized for better efficiency. Lastly, don’t miss out on your bathroom organization. Bath linen with your daily bath products and cleaning essentials. Your Bath should always be left dry and smelling good.

Seasonal Update interiors


Every season has a special aura it brings with itself. Seasonal updates for the Home makes it your perfect heaven. While re-decorating your Home by the season, be thoughtful of picking up finds that best suit the ongoing season. In Spring-Summer pastel fabrics, artisanal accessories, ceramic objects, glassware’s and fresh flowers bring a cooler vibe. Autumn can be done up with earthy organic and raw materials , warmer tones to welcome winter. Finally, when the cozy time of the year arrives you need to play with textures and warmer fabrics. Use darker tones to keep you warm and set the perfect hibernation mode.

Home decorating fun


Don’t be afraid of trying new things at home. Playing around with pieces will bring out a space that defines you the most. Replace a lounge chair in the living room with a swing as a seating option. Use a storage basket instead of a bedside table to hold your essentials. Bring out the artist in you by framing your sketches collection as wall art décor. This could be the perfect fun play decorating you needed. The key here is to not take things seriously, break rules and play along for an enriching Home experience.

Guest Ready


Is your Home always Guest Ready? Leave a lasting impression on your Guests and make them coming back for more.

Get your guest room ready – This is the area your guests will head to for resting. Make sure you give them enough space to keep their luggage, clean and clear the closets for them to feel at Home and display their stuff. Lay out the bed beautifully for them. Bring in fresh linen and keep the windows , doors open for fresh air to swipe in. Set your lighting according to the arrival time of the Guests.

Bathroom check – Pay attention to the bathroom, it makes or breaks your impression. Bathroom should be clean, inviting, clutter free and relaxing for your Guests to settle in. Check all the toiletries, bath linen and other essentials to keep it ready for them.

Stock up the home supplies – Your kitchen pantry  should always be stocked with food essentials  for a surprise Guest visit leaving you hassle free on the last minute. If you know the time of arrival of your guests beforehand, consider their preferences and bring in the necessary supplies to have a fun meet.

Small Nothings – Going an extra mile to make your Guests stay a memorable one, takes you a long way. Make a note of the activities they are going to take up when visiting you. Know whether they are visiting your city for Business or Vacation, who all are coming , what are their interests etc. This will help you plan and present them with most helpful stuff like – a city guide, best places to shop at, tourist attractions etc. These small gestures are the ones that last long.

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