Flooring sets the stage for your entire space. Selecting the right flooring can be overwhelming. Nonetheless, its one of the major investments that will add value to your space. Know about our story behind selection of flooring materials for our latest office design project @dotdusk.

We introduced to you in our previous updates, about the new office design project undertaken by us. Based on a Scandinavian – Industrial Style theme in New Delhi, India.

In this post we love to share with you, our journey behind flooring material selections replacing the existing flooring.

Focusing on Aesthetics primarily we are bound to follow the style theme throughout. It has to look good! Is the very idea at the back of our minds from the very start of the office design project. This very thought made us have various discussions following, market visits with our #supercool clients Lakhbir & Sundeep (Best duo when it comes to shooting professionally. Not to miss, there wedding photography shoots around the globe.)

The question was what to do about the flooring? Our 3 major Concerns were:

1. Budget – Cost Cutting and economical solutions.

2. Material Durability and Application.

3. The Look of the space.

Nordic Style influence – Our color palette for the office design, was restricted to monochromes with subtle accents. Now, we were thinking about whether, we should go ahead by Scandinavian alone or Industrial style. Initially, we were looking at seamless flooring options but, that would blow off our budget. Concrete floor tiles and wood flooring were then looked at. Finally, we took a call on wood flooring as an option for the flooring. It served our purpose by being budget friendly, durable and style defined.

Total office area  of 720 sq.ft approx. was to be looked at in terms of flooring to be re-done. The existing flooring was vetrified yellowish tiles of 2’ x 2’ which dint at all go by, the look we were aiming for the office design.

When our Principal Architect @Indivar came in, he said it would be best, if we took up wooden flooring. At this point, another question popping up in our heads was – should the whole office be done in wood flooring or that we segregate areas of prime importance by different flooring?

Dotdusk office design floor plan

Space planning for Dotdusk Studios, New Delhi

For instance, our space layout was divided into 3 main zones:

1. Office entrance waiting area.

2. Employees working area.

3. Co-founders Lakhbir & Sundeep’s personal cabin.

After analysis and a discussion with our styling team, carpeting as flooring inside the co-founders cabin was given weightage too. The final call, was taken on having a discussion with our clients about their preferences and usability. Which, was wooden flooring for the entire office space. This meant we had to get the best option in the minimum budget. That of course, wasn’t an easy task but, having a variety of vendors to choose from at our disposal. We often sail through 😉

Market Visit and research

Soon it was time for Market visit and research. What were we looking at?

1.Wood Plank design patterns.

2.Color, grain and finish.

3.Cost effectiveness and usability.

Market Visit and Costing:

Our site being located in Rajouri garden, West Delhi. Kirtinagar market was the closet and time saving for us to source from having specific vendors assigned to our team. We found shades of brown and grey planks, generally priced between INR 110 – 150 per sq.ft at most of the vendors. This was again a budget constraint. On much research we came across a very humble and fairly priced vendor Mr. Aditya Singhania of FINESSE. Yes! He gave us a quote which was not only exciting but felt right. Solving our flooring problem completely.

Office design dotdusk studios wooden flooring application

Office Design – After wooden flooring application

Selection made for office design:

Grey Oak, straight plank design, 10mm thick 4’ x 8” size with foam layering laid below the wooden planks to solve acoustics (sounds) issue. Including material application of INR 7 per sq.ft and GST (Taxes take most of our savings don’t they? But this one just dint pinch much, it felt right.)

Grey was fresh and different from what was seen mostly. Our clients were happy and so were we. Next what was decided was that we would be layering the grey wood flooring with accent rugs . Stay tuned for more on insights from our office design project coming up for DOTDUSK STUDIOS.

Hope you guys found our selection right? Do leave us your comments about your suggestions. We love to hear from you. Reach Us for space makeover anytime at any budget. We are always here for you 🙂

Team Aesthetics.

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