Ever wished to have well-styled shelves, displaying all things you adore? Walked into a home store and tried to grasp the essence to style your own shelves, wishing how to get it right? Here’s how this post can help you get the decorating game on.

Decorating and styling shelves

Consider your design style reflecting your taste, as well as your usage of space and necessities. Pull off the perfect look for your space that your heart desires, keeping it appealing to the eye and functional at the same time. Look for objects that you already own, with other sourced ones as decoratives on your shelves, which communicate your story to the onlooker.

Styling Tip

While sourcing decoratives you love, focus on completing the grouping of objects by picking the best decoratives that will go alongside your pre-owned pieces.

Most of us, get stuck with bringing home all that captures our eyes, at the beautifully set up home stores around. Often putting us in a fix of how and what should go on the shelves. However, you can easily ace the shelf game by being mindful, when selecting those decoratives on sourcing.

To get started we strongly recommend, you put down your best keywords on paper that define your taste and style. This will help you channelize a style direction you need, to abide by when setting a stage for your decoratives.

Read on to get inspired and start styling your shelves like a pro.

Styling Basics

When styling shelves, focus on keeping things visually interesting.

Whatever style you decide to express on your shelves, we at About The Aesthetics have you covered.

styling open shelves

Step 1: First Things First

Make a note of :

Define Usage Of your space – Know what are the daily activities going to be of the space surrounding the shelves you aim to style best. Whether it’s a residential or commercial space and what’s the function of it. For this post, we went by an office space for professional photographers and styled according to their daily activities.

Follow your Design style – For a style quotient its important that you take note of, what interests you and the look to be achieved. For the office shelf styling, we went by a Scandinavian Industrial theme. We took note of:

Materials, texture, color palette, objects of use and sizes to complete our shelf puzzle. You can research your own design style and list down the initial keywords that help you channelize your styling needs.

Review what you already own – Put out decoratives, utility objects and other collectives from your travels which you own. Try visualizing the placement of these pieces following your design style. Once you have a fair idea what can go where and what is missing to complete the picture, you already have your shopping list to pick up the right display decoratives. It is as simple as this 🙂

styling shelves

Step 2: Visual Design Elements and Principles

The shelf styling process can be overwhelming and the most challenging, to create balance by avoiding visual chaos. Follow some design principles like – color, form, shape, texture, balance, harmony, scale and proportion to ace the right visual look for your shelves. The image above illustrates repetition and balance.

Step 3: Get Your Visual Weight Right

Open shelving gives you the much-needed space to display your best finds, add personality and character to the look. But what’s the challenge is to know, what to pick up and where to place it. This can be made simple by knowing your height and distance between shelves so that while collecting objects you know what sizes to pick up. A range of objects some large, medium and small will be the perfect mix to scatter on your shelves if you pick them up in right sizes. Visual weight also adds a significant impact on your overall styled look. As a rule of thumb – Large and heavy objects are displayed at the bottoms of shelves, following up by medium and small scaled objects spread around with spacing.

styling shelves

Step 4: Create Vignettes

Always display pieces in odd or even numbers for greater visual impact. Grouping objects of different heights and sizes help you communicate a story and are best as vignettes. If you have single objects displayed, try filling out space in between them with different objects of color, texture, material, size, and form. Layering in 3’s adds depth and character to your shelving. Try it out 🙂

styling shelves

Step 5: Utilize the top of shelves

The top of shelves gives us more room for storage. You can display objects of no daily use on top. Stuff like your photo frames, baskets, boxes, accomplishments that, highlight your overall shelf look should be displayed at the top, avoiding negative space.

Step 6: Look back and enjoy

Hola! Once you are done displaying and juxtaposing decoratives on your shelves, its time to stand back and give it a look. Edit, add and subtract stuff to make it look photograph styled. You can also take photographs from your phone to see what pieces to edit to achieve your styled look.

We hope this post gave you the much-needed inspiration for styling your shelves.

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